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  • Free for buyers
  • Search for any genre of programming, from multiple sellers, with a single password
  • Brand new content uploaded on a regular basis
  • Detailed metadata search and instant access to full length screeners and synopsis
  • Build a package for a channel launch, find niche content using detailed search function or fill urgent scheduling requirements
  • Find new sources of content
  • Membership of an industry-wide online community
  • Communicate urgent programming requirements directly to multiple sellers
  • Receive genre specific notifications and content news
  • Contact sellers through the site, but negotiate and transact all deals directly with sellers off site
Register as a Seller
  • An additional marketing tool to showcase content 365 days a year to global buyers. Targeting only industry buyers, across all broadcasters, platforms and territories
  • Enhanced marketing and advertising opportunities available via newsletter, social media and home page promotion
  • Extend reach to buyers in fast growing, emerging and niche markets, like OTT, VOD and Transportation
  • Benefit from new leads and contacts driven straight to own website and sales team
  • Receive urgent programming requirements from Buyers
  • Receive company specific and generic market analytics on screenings
  • Effortless. All content and metadata is uploaded by the ProgramBuyer team
  • Transact directly with Buyers and not through the site. Buyers and sellers do deals directly. No commission taken
  • Opportunities to license content via ProgramBuyer’s exclusive partnerships with VOD/FAST platforms
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