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ProgramBuyer does not get involved in the transaction or take a sales commission, buyers and distributors do deals directly with each other offline.

ProgramBuyer is an online screening portal that showcases TV content from around the world. Using a sophisticated search facility, it provides sellers and buyers with a single destination where they can list and search for a wide variety of content from around the world. On ProgramBuyer, buyers can find information about 1000s of titles and view screeners. They can search for the same genre of programming from a variety of distributors, without having to log-in to multiple websites.

For sellers, ProgramBuyer is a cost-effective marketing tool where they can showcase their entire catalogues to a broad range of buyers, from all markets and platforms.

  • Free for Buyers
  • Search for programming across multiple catalogues from multiple distributors with just a single password
  • Detailed metadata search and instant access to full length screeners
  • Build a package for a channel launch, find niche content or fill urgent scheduling requirements
  • Find new sources of content
  • Membership of an industry-wide online community
  • Communicate urgent programming requirements directly to multiple Distributors
  • Receive genre specific notifications and newsletters
  • Transact directly with distributors and not through the site
  • Showcase entire catalogue 365 days a year to key linear and non linear buyers
  • Extend reach to buyers in fast growing, emerging and niche markets, like OTT, VOD and Transportation.
  • Benefit from new leads and contacts driven straight to own website and sales team
  • Immediate access to buyers' urgent programming needs
  • Receive company specific and generic market analytics on screenings
  • Enhancement and advertising opportunities
  • Effortless. All content and metadata is uploaded by the ProgramBuyer team
  • Transact directly with Buyers and not through the site
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