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Founded in 2007, we offer our clients an easy and safe professional SaaS tool to share large media files on any device worldwide. With our file-sharing tool it becomes very easy to view, share and store large video, photo or other data files, without having to download them first. We collaborate with large international brands, content creators and broadcasters in the creative business who work with large files.
Backup: 5 Tips to keep your data and media safe
Have you backed up your data recently? Especially your creative media files or expensive formats?
Working 2.1 – A Management Perspective
Welcome to another chapter of our Working 2.1 series.
Feedback Friday
Building software is fun, I’ll start with that. But it’s not always easy. One of the more difficult things of software development is how to improve your software over time while keeping all features relevant and the interface clean and easy. Feature creep is something that happens very easily (Sales guy: “Hey, I just read about X, that’s something we should implement!”). But once you introduce a feature, you take on the burden to maintain it as well. It will take up development resources, precious space in your interface and perhaps distract users from other (more important) features. Or maybe even scare away new users if they feel they need a 100 page manual to even get started. And what do you do if you find out your latest feature isn’t actually being used?.
New apps in beta
We must admit we have left it off our agenda for too long: a major overhaul of our mobile apps. Especially the Android users had to miss out on quite a few features (being an Android user myself is the most difficult thing to admit here…), but also for iOS our mobile experience does not live up to the quality tooling we want to offer. In August we decided to start from scratch with our mobile apps and develop them from the ground up and give the user interface a fresh look and feel. We also decided to partner up with Digital Chefs, who have a lot of experience with app development, to help us with UX design and development.
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