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Spotlight on Australia...
  • Iconic Australia

    Iconic Australia

    Iconic Australia is a compelling visual and social history of Australia’s distinctive icons, how they rose to that status and why they still matter.

    Wild Thring Media

  • Firestarter: The Story of Bangarra

    Firestarter: The Story of Bangarra

    Energetic, risk-taking, urban, hip — Australia’s unique modern dance company celebrates its 30th anniversary.

    ABC Commercial

  • Wildlife Rescue and Forensics

    Wildlife Rescue and Forensics

    A small group of Wildlife Officers in Western Australia patrol the largest wildlife beat in the world: an area more than a

    Earth Touch

  • Bill Bailey's Australian Adventure

    Bill Bailey's Australian Adventure

    Bill Bailey is setting out to discover what makes Western Australia…so Western Australia!

    Silverlining Rights

  • Australia Land of the Ancients

    Australia Land of the Ancients

    Australia’s Land of the Ancients explores the unique and ancient landscape of northeastern Australia, the most biodiverse region on the continent.

    Earth Touch

  • The Flamin' Thongs

    The Flamin' Thongs

    Whale Bay is home to the disaster–prone Thong family, and to Australia’s least visited tourist attraction, the Giant Thong. But, that may be about to change for all the wrong reasons...


  • Built to Survive

    Built to Survive

    Phil Breslin gets up close to the world’s most unique creatures to reveal the ultimate survivors of Australia’s most extreme habitats.


  • Border Security: Australia's Frontline S1-15

    Border Security: Australia's Frontline S1-15

    The show follows the work of officers of Australian Customs and Border Protection, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship as they enforce Australian customs, quarantine, immigration, and finance laws.

    Seven Studios Distribution

  • You Can't Ask That S5

    You Can't Ask That S5

    Featuring participants from all walks of life, each episode focuses on a minority or sub-cultural group, and asks some very frank and often confronting questions, sourced from the public.

    ABC Commercial

  • John Torode's Australia

    John Torode's Australia

    Small town Aussie boy turned top international chef John Torode is about to set off on an epic culinary tour of his homeland. John is hitting the road to take a trip through the sites and flavou...

    Passion Distribution

  • Amazing Australian Homes

    Amazing Australian Homes

    Open the doors of some of the most unique homes in Australia, providing insight into extraordinary innovations inspired by the country’s most talented designers.

    Seven Studios Distribution

Recently Added...
  • Buffalo Bill - The Inventor of the Wild West

    Buffalo Bill - The Inventor of the Wild West

    Buffalo Bill is considered by many to be the inventor of the Wild West. An entertainer and self-made man who went from being an insignificant bison hunter to the most famous American of his time.

    Albatross World Sales

  • Nature's Leading Ladies

    Nature's Leading Ladies

    Only very few mammals have a female as their leader. How do those female bosses manage to prevail over the otherwise dominant males? 

    Albatross World Sales

  • Tatty and Misifú

    Tatty and Misifú

    An exciting 2D animated series that takes us into a world of fantasy and magic. 

    Toy Town Kids

  • On A Quest: With Jaswant

    On A Quest: With Jaswant

    On A Quest with Jaswant is told from a filmmaker's perspective. He explores beautiful countries, from the cities, small towns, and villages, to remote areas, on a quest to learn and document untold stories, history, hidden wonders, arts, culture, food, people, and places.

    Creative Heights Entertainment

  • Not Your Average Family

    Not Your Average Family

    Influencers and LGBT couple, Charlie Allan and Lauren Faulkner are on a journey to start a family, a process which involves gender reversal for Charlie to try and harvest his eggs for Lauren to use.

    Silverlining Rights

  • GPs Mobile Surgery

    GPs Mobile Surgery

    Our favourite doctors from GPs Behind Closed Doors are hitting the road.

    Silverlining Rights

  • Hunting the Catfish Crime Gang

    Hunting the Catfish Crime Gang

    James – a 29-year-old from Belfast, who’s building himself a multi-million pound digital marketing business from nothing – was living the insta-dream . . . until someone copied his accounts.

    Silverlining Rights

  • Fantomworks (Season 1 to 5)

    Fantomworks (Season 1 to 5)

    As a former test pilot, Dan Short hopes that Fantomworks will become a classic car restoration shop that runs with military precision.

    New Dominion Pictures

  • FBI Criminal Pursuit

    FBI Criminal Pursuit

    Explore the modern FBI solving high-profile crimes, from arson to cybercrime and terrorism, showcasing evolving tactics and skilled agents.

    New Dominion Pictures

  • Shape It, Ship It

    Shape It, Ship It

    Shape It, Ship It is a TV series that explores the intricate journey of a product from its inception to the end user.

    Wild Thring Media

D-Day WW2 80th Anniversary...
  • D-Day At Pointe-du-Hoc

    D-Day At Pointe-du-Hoc

    A dangerous and daring D-Day mission when U.S. Army Rangers scaled the 100-foot cliffs of Pointe-du-Hoc to destroy six German cannons.

    APT Worldwide

  • Adolf Hitler: Decoding a Dictator

    Adolf Hitler: Decoding a Dictator

    Adolf Hitler: Decoding a Dictator presents a compelling examination of one of the most malevolent leaders the world has ever seen.

    WildBear Entertainment

  • Battle Of Dunkirk: From Disaster to Triumph

    Battle Of Dunkirk: From Disaster to Triumph

    The events that unfolded at Dunkirk remain one of the greatest stories in human history. In a race against time, over eight

    Vision Films

  • WWII's Greatest Raids (S1) & WWII's Most Daring Raids (S2)

    WWII's Greatest Raids (S1) & WWII's Most Daring Raids (S2)

    The Raid is a series that takes you into the heart of an elite band of soldiers in the heat of a key action in their history.

    Three River Studios

  • D-DAY The Soldiers' Story

    D-DAY The Soldiers' Story

    A two-part tv documentary that tells the story of D-Day June 6th 1944 like it’s never been told before.

    3DD Entertainment

  • Dogfight


    The pilots’ fight is not just in the air and in this action dramatised series about WW2 airborn killers, we witness the unthinkable. This is pilots not politics!

    Indigo Entertainment

  • Rise of the Dictators

    Rise of the Dictators

    Dictator, despot, authoritarian or strong man, whatever you call them they all have one thing in common - the pursuit of absolute power.

    WildBear Entertainment

  • Hitler's Putsch. 1923 - Days That Changed The World

    Hitler's Putsch. 1923 - Days That Changed The World

    The night of November 8, 1923, is arguably the most significant and transformative in the history of the twentieth century.

    3DD Entertainment

  • 1944. Images of D-Day (Coll. Mystères d'Archives)

    1944. Images of D-Day (Coll. Mystères d'Archives)

    Tuesday, June 6, 1944. The Normandy Landings begin. Their official code name: Operation Overlord. It has been one of the largest European battles of World War II.


  • Surrender on the USS Missouri

    Surrender on the USS Missouri

    On September 2nd, 1945, World War II came to its official end aboard a legendary battleship anchored in Tokyo Bay: the USS Missouri.

    APT Worldwide

  • WWII By Drone

    WWII By Drone

    From the clear waters of the Mediterranean to the darkest forests of Poland, few places in Europe were spared the brutality of the Second World War. And on WWII by Drone, these sleeping battlefields come to life as never before.

    Cineflix Rights

  • Truk Lagoon: Japan's Pearl Harbour

    Truk Lagoon: Japan's Pearl Harbour

    The greatest concentration of World War II shipwrecks on the planet lies in a remote lagoon in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

    Earth Touch

Earth Day...
  • Travel with Didiayer (Series 4)

    Travel with Didiayer (Series 4)

    With an eye on oceans, coasts, and islands, this season Didiayer and family set out to follow the beckoning calls of land and sea.

    John McLean Media

  • The Whaler

    The Whaler

    A compelling documentary about the illegal hunt of whales in Iceland.

    RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera

  • Reefshot


    Reefshot is the incredible true story of the modern-day race to save the Great Barrier Reef from climate change.

    Wild Thring Media

  • Good News from Planet Earth

    Good News from Planet Earth

    Climate crisis, pandemic, destruction of nature – newspapers, internet and television seem to only bring bad news. Yet, there are people and projects all over the world who are doing a lot to improve conditions.

    Albatross World Sales

  • Feed the World with Joanna Lumley

    Feed the World with Joanna Lumley

    Joanna will be travelling the globe to explore how the way we currently feed the planet’s eight billion people is actually a ticking time bomb, posing a huge threat to humanity and the planet's diversity, including flagship species.

    Indigo Entertainment

  • Epic Catastrophe

    Epic Catastrophe

    A deadly swarm of tornadoes, a devastating 100-year flood, a violent Category 5 hurricane, a town-incinerating wildfire: These once rare weather anomalies have become yearly catastrophic events worldwide.

    LGI Media

  • Wild Forces

    Wild Forces

    Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth. This compelling series explores the apocalyptic forces that nature visits on this ancient land.

    ABC Commercial

  • Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge

    Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge

    Following five diverse households, Fight for Planet A takes a positive approach to reducing our carbon footprint, and helping to protect our planet for future generations.

    ABC Commercial

  • Save the Wild

    Save the Wild

    Biodiversity loss is one of the most alarming catastrophes in the world today. How can humans preserve the last invaluable areas of wilderness of the earth and with it the diversity of species?

    Albatross World Sales

  • Last Eden: Guyana

    Last Eden: Guyana

    Join wildlife filmmaker and biologist Dan O'Neill on an expedition deep into the untouched forests of Guyana along a river lost to time, to a paradise which is home to some of the most spectacular and abundant wildlife on Earth.

    Silverlining Rights

  • H2O: The Molecule That Made Us

    H2O: The Molecule That Made Us

    Earth is alive because of liquid water and the human story is intimately connected to our relationship with it. But the growth of our civilizations has created a dangerous dependence on a precious resource that may be about to run out.

    PBS International

  • Earth Emergency

    Earth Emergency

    This gorgeous film adds the missing piece of the climate puzzle and offers urgent hope.While everyone has heard of global warming, few understand how environmental feedback loops amplify the warming even further

    West One International

  • Great Electric Airplane Race

    Great Electric Airplane Race

    Could a new generation of emission-free electric planes replace the polluting airliners in our skies - a major step in the fight against climate change?

    PBS International

ProgramBuyer Picks...
  • Mustang Secrets Beyond The Himalayas

    Mustang Secrets Beyond The Himalayas

    Emmy Winner Jaswant Dev Shrestha sets on a journey into the remote mountains of Nepal to explore the Annapurna Region and learn about the incredibly unique culture, festivals, and spiritual traditions of the locals.

    Creative Heights Entertainment

  • Charingolos


    A charming children's series that combines 3D and 2D animation techniques. Designed for preschool audiences, the series follows the exciting adventures of four friends: Pig, Goat, Rabbit and Dog.

    Toy Town Kids

  • Saudi Formula Four Championship 2024

    Saudi Formula Four Championship 2024

    Get ready for a spectacle of speed and skill as the inaugural Saudi Arabia F4 Championship roars to life, bringing together the most promising young talents in motorsports.

    Greenlight International

  • Cactus Hotel

    Cactus Hotel

    This film tells the exciting life story of one old cactus with its wild tourists, quirky residential communities and long-term tenants who manage to make this seemingly prickly cactus fortress their home.

    Albatross World Sales

  • Jailed Over a Group Chat

    Jailed Over a Group Chat

    Following the brutal murder of a 16-year-old on the streets of Moston, Manchester, a group of friends joined a Telegram chat - they say to grieve and vent their anger.

    Silverlining Rights

  • Mosques from Around the World (Season 2)

    Mosques from Around the World (Season 2)

    Join us as we venture across the world, witnessing marvelous and breathtaking mosques while learning more about their history, culture, and architecture.

    Blue Media

  • The Lion Pride Next Door

    The Lion Pride Next Door

    A first-time mother lioness adds to the strength of her pride in Gir National Park, India. She writes her own rules and will do whatever it takes to raise her only cub.

    Earth Touch

  • Asian Academy Creative Awards

    Asian Academy Creative Awards

    Asian Academy Creative Awards has become Asia-Pacific’s most prestigious and highly sought-after award for creative excellence.

    Lightning International

  • Not About Music

    Not About Music

    Not About Music is a series of short video episodes that explore the interesting facts from the lives of the most prominent musicians of the past century. 

    Atlant Media Group

  • Pretty Bad Girls

    Pretty Bad Girls

    Pretty Bad Girls bares what happens when beautiful women have more than killer clothes in their closets. They have skeletons, too.

    New Dominion Pictures

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