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Spotlight on Janson Media...
  • Twisted Blues

    Twisted Blues

    An instance of violence catapults a young woman into a comedic misfit journey of redemptive makeover via Mixed Martial Arts while stumbling into true love.

    Janson Media

  • The Letter Writer

    The Letter Writer

    Set in 1960s "old Dubai," the story follows a young Arab boy who works summers as a professional letter writer, and falls in love with the object of his customer's affection.

    Janson Media

  • Mother Teresa: No Greater Love

    Mother Teresa: No Greater Love

    Filmed on five continents, this film reveals not just who Mother Teresa was but how her singular vision to serve Christ in the poor continues to be realized today.

    Janson Media

  • Soldier Boy

    Soldier Boy

    The true story of Russia’s youngest World War II hero who lost his family at age six and was trained as a soldier worthy of the Military Merit Medal.

    Janson Media

  • Australian Crime Stories

    Australian Crime Stories

    The stories behind what made and shaped the most notorious figures in Australian criminal history.

    Janson Media

  • Anton


    Anton explores the origins of today's Ukraine and Russia conflict from a little known period in history.

    Janson Media

  • Hollywood Idols

    Hollywood Idols

    Hollywood Idols presents riveting portraits of classic movie stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood, that will delight movie fans of all ages.

    Janson Media

  • Man in Red Bandana

    Man in Red Bandana

    This feature-length documentary film tells the inspirational story of a 9/11 American hero - Welles Remy Crowther.

    Janson Media

  • Safeguard: An Electoral College Story

    Safeguard: An Electoral College Story

    This timely and urgent new public affairs documentary examines the U.S. electoral college system. The film avoids any partisan bickering to ask the questions: How does it work? What happens if we change the rules?

    Janson Media

  • Sorority


    Sorority explores the lives and relationships of two sisters; Sarah, a talented writer on the verge of attending Oxford University; and Harriet, who dreams of escaping the confines of her upbringing.

    Janson Media

Recently Added...
  • The Pearl, Qatar: World's Most Luxurious Island

    The Pearl, Qatar: World's Most Luxurious Island

    Qatar is the richest country on earth and its elevation to World Cup host saw it explode onto the international stage.

    Silverlining Rights

  • The Whiskey Film

    The Whiskey Film

    A visual collective of tales about those who work to define American craft whiskey.

    Janson Media

  • Wuthering Heights (Bristol Old Vic)

    Wuthering Heights (Bristol Old Vic)

    Wise Children and Bristol Old Vic On Screen present the epic story of love, revenge and redemption, Wuthering Heights.

    Woodcut International

  • Pikes Peak

    Pikes Peak

    Exclusive Highlights from the Legendary ''Race to the Clouds''

    All Rights Consulting

  • Miami's Listening Party

    Miami's Listening Party

    A deep dive into various award-winning musical artists, their stories, their passions, and their music.

    Side FX Partners LLC

  • Parents in the Wild

    Parents in the Wild

    This captivating film delves into the intriguing realms of mating rituals, giving birth, and nest building, showcasing the intricate and often heartwarming tales of parenthood in the wild.

    Albatross World Sales

  • The Secret World of Rubbish

    The Secret World of Rubbish

    Every year, we throw away millions of tonnes of rubbish - but what happens to it after it disappears down your dustbin?

    Silverlining Rights

  • Salt & Pepper

    Salt & Pepper

    A captivating 2D children's series aimed at preschool audiences. The series follows the fun and educational adventures of two friends, Salt and Pepper.

    Toy Town Kids

  • Empire Builders S1

    Empire Builders S1

    From the Romans to the Raj, the Ottomans to the Incas, great empires have come and gone through the ages; but all have left behind extraordinary legacies, monuments, inventions and innovations.

    Pilot Film and Television Productions

  • Animal Attack Rate

    Animal Attack Rate

    Attack Rate counts down nature’s most successful killers. This science/nature archive series travels the world searching for, decoding, and calculating the risk of a deadly attack from nature’s predators, ambushers, and defenders.

    Wild Thring Media

Crime and Investigation...
  • Murder Maps S6 & 7

    Murder Maps S6 & 7

    In these two new series we’ll be investigating some of the world’s most notorious and intriguing crimes.

    3DD Entertainment

  • Dangerous Cities

    Dangerous Cities

    We examine life in some of the world’s most dangerous cities.

    Java Films

  • Crimes That Changed the World

    Crimes That Changed the World

    Spectacular criminal cases that held the world in suspense and changed it forever. They include major judicial scandals, gruesome serial murders and historic assassinations.

    Albatross World Sales

  • The Secret World of Boy Racers

    The Secret World of Boy Racers

    Social media has spawned a new breed of boy racers, who are viewing, sharing, and copying extreme driving content online.

    Silverlining Rights

  • The Suitcase Murders

    The Suitcase Murders

    The Suitcase Murders delves into the gruesome crimes of killers who dispose of their victims in luggage.

    Woodcut International

  • Fame Kills

    Fame Kills

    Lurking behind the red carpets, swanky homes and star-studded parties is a seedier side of celebrity-filled with jealousy, competition, greed and murder.

    New Dominion Pictures

  • James Bulger: The Trial

    James Bulger: The Trial

    The story of a murder trial of the two ten-year-old killers of a toddler, a trial that shook the world.

    Woodcut International

  • Nothing Lasts Forever

    Nothing Lasts Forever

    Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of romance and fidelity.


  • Conspiracy Murders

    Conspiracy Murders

    Conspiracy Murders is an anthology series following some of the world’s most interesting cold cases and the question marks they leave behind.

    LGI Media

  • Innocent on Death Row II: About Time

    Innocent on Death Row II: About Time

    After almost 20 years of solitary confinement on death row and days away from his execution, Clinton Young is granted a new trial. But how do you adapt to life outside?

    Java Films

Schools Out for Summer!...
  • The Complicated Life of Léa Olivier

    The Complicated Life of Léa Olivier

    A new youth series features the charming Lea, a young girl forced to leave her hometown and move to a big city with her family.


  • Team S.T.E.A.M.

    Team S.T.E.A.M.

    Living on Tomorrow Island, filled with innovative new technologies, natural phenomena and all manner of wildlife, our intrepid team is ready respond to any emergency!

    Blue Media

  • Itch


    A thrilling high-octane, action-adventure series for primary-to-early secondary school kids, from the makers of The Kissing Booth.

    ABC Commercial

  • Mikki vs the World

    Mikki vs the World

    With a sense of humour and a ‘no shame’ mantra, newly qualified psychologist Mikki explores a variety of mental health issues that plague teenage audiences.

    ABC Commercial

  • Grosha & Mr B

    Grosha & Mr B

    Grosha & Mr. B are two cat detectives who work as a team at the Special Bureau of Investigation (SBI).

    France TV Distribution

  • More Than 100 Lies

    More Than 100 Lies

    We all have secrets. We all tell lies. All the electronic devices of the students and teachers of a High School have been hacked.

    Atresmedia Television

  • The Medalists

    The Medalists

    A high-performance sports academy, where a group of young athletes share the same goal: to become the best in the world.


  • A Doggone Adventure

    A Doggone Adventure

    Just Jesse the Jack enlists a group of junior detectives and their dad, host of a popular TV show, to help him

    Vision Films

  • The House of Science

    The House of Science

    22 episodes to give answers to the most important natural phenomena with an amusing and smart approach.

    RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera

  • Kinky & Cosy

    Kinky & Cosy

    Double Trouble! Welcome to the universe of quirky sisters Kinky and Cosy, filled with cheating parents, lazy cops, bungling doctors, extra-terrestrials and plane crashes!

    Mediatoon Distribution

ProgramBuyer Picks...
  • Fame Kills

    Fame Kills

    Lurking behind the red carpets, swanky homes and star-studded parties is a seedier side of celebrity-filled with jealousy, competition, greed and murder.

    New Dominion Pictures

  • Recipe of Love

    Recipe of Love

    The chef of a humble kebab restaurant Fırat’s (Kadir Doğulu) life changes drastically because of the coaching given by Doctor Love (Alper Saldıran) on the TV. He wants to bring him down a notch.

    Kanal D International

  • Hidden Stories: Did Lena Want to Kiss Nigel?!

    Hidden Stories: Did Lena Want to Kiss Nigel?!

    Lena’s best friend Marielle is in love with Luke, a member of the party committee. However, Luke is interested in Lena and thinks that she’s the one who likes him.

    Dutch CORE

  • Catastrophe


    Catastrophe is multi award–winning comedy written by and starring Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, the series has garnered universal critical acclaim and a raft of awards since launching in 2015. 

    Avalon Distribution

  • Free Fall

    Free Fall

    Disciplined, organized, professionally accomplished, freshly divorced and mother to a little boy she adores, Valerie had only one true master: her schedule. And she was fine with that. Until one morning when everything started going wrong.


  • Nutcracker Sweet

    Nutcracker Sweet

    It is Christmas Eve and the Silberhaus children are excited for the festivities to begin. Marie and Fritz are playing in the

    Vision Films

  • For Sarah

    For Sarah

    After drinking heavily at a party, 17–year-old Sarah and her childhood friend Cedric drive off in a sports car and end up in a horrifying accident.


  • Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi (Colours of Love)

    Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi (Colours of Love)

    The toughest battle anyone ever faces is the one between the heart and the mind. In today’s practical world we make the decisions of the heart with the mind.

    Sony Pictures Networks India

  • 2 Nuts And A Richard!

    2 Nuts And A Richard!

    Les Grandes Gueules, José Gaudet and Mario Tessier, along with Richard Turcotte and many of the famous characters they created over their past 20 years of radio and on stage, are featured in this animated series 2 Nuts and a Richard.

    HG Distribution

  • Laia


    "She was christened with a name nobody remembered but they called her Laia."

    Televisió de Catalunya

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